Et puis…

Nearing the end of another chapter, My fingers eagerly awaiting to turn to the Next page. It's time to start anew again, To pick up all the torn pieces of paper And tuck them into my pockets - I'll find use for them eventually. I'll run faster than I ever have before, Trailing whispers of … Continue reading Et puis…

Remnants of Summer

Sticky heat under a clear sky, Racing through tall grass, Flowers and small bugs sticking to my clothes -Run faster. My muscles scream out in Short gasps, Lungs filling up with each sharp inhale -It hurts. Light casts shadows across barren fields As hot water trickles down through the trees, A vacuum of thick heat … Continue reading Remnants of Summer

Flits and flutters

I made friends with some birds;Kingfishers, Canaries and Robins.They sang me a melody ofGiggles.I needn't ever cage them, They are far too beautiful In flight. I tried to capture their colours;Red, blue, green-- Gone.Only a residue of soft light left,A sunset glow.They brought me joy;Children in a fairground,Goldfish and lions inPolaroids.They brought me home, To … Continue reading Flits and flutters

Changes of Season

Our sunshine playlist,Touches, sweet-like-cinnamon,The soft glow of jasmine scented candles.Our moments of closeness,Movie screen promisesAnd vulnerable words of warmth.Our tears of painAnd bitter tastes of blood, Sadness screams over the music.My fatal flawOf loneliness and blown out candles,Lost words of love and images of a cold night.


Iced air,Remains of kisses on,Our misty breath,A blue sky today,Yet recently all I've known is- Grey.Dead flowers drop petals,Their time is up,Mourning for a lily,That was once undamaged- Perfect.Yet after harm and hurt,When the clouds fog the sky,The sun still shines through- Hope.

Bonne Nuit

Le bruit de la pluie,Les voitures, le feu d'artifice,La larmes sur ma fenêtre,Je me sens apaisé,Les réverbères vaciller. J'espère voir une étoile, Je souhaiterai que la pluie s'arrête.Mais, quand elle s'arrêtera, il n'y aura rien d'autre que de laTristesse. Comme ma fenêtre des larmes coulent sur mes joues. Je me sens apaisé,Je ne sens rien.

3:54 am

The faint sound of snoring accompanied by the familiar feeling of disappointment- again he disappears into a world of Pinot Grigio and bitter lemon.I wait for him to wake up,To change and refresh.But the cycle is repeated and the alcohol takes his hand,Pointing a blaming finger to the wrong person- control.It is not wrong.As in … Continue reading 3:54 am