The Final Act

Lost sharp edges,Smoked mirrors of Elysian,Dionysus cries as I act my part,Silent words spoken through a trail of thoughts- not word of mouth.Forbidden longing of false hopes,Apple-bitten looks that are thrown around-thrown out, thrown forward.Such tormented sighs of tears,Blue soul of tinny pianos,Messages passed between two people- personal strands of a future, past and present.Two … Continue reading The Final Act

Winter Blues

Fogged up windows,Icy breath shiversCold water down my Cheeks.Blue warmth ofHot kisses fromCinnamon tea andSweet love.Painful words,Strummed onto stringsAnd written onto letters,Unsent.Longing gazesFrom inside glass windows,Snowglobed feelings,Hidden gifts.Frosted mornings,Overlooking bluebells,Snowdrops hangingTheir heads down low.