Une Lumière Douce

Utter darkness,Only a single flameFlickering, dancing.A Monarch butterfly or perhaps a moth,Neither are mine, yet I'm drawn toThe flame alike.Lift your swift fingers andDelicately trace your own designOn my metamorphosing skin.Why must change take place in darkness?My New Moon, mon Soleil,I wish for only light to trickle downAnd consume me.May I be your undying votive?Perhaps … Continue reading Une Lumière Douce

The Mind is a Lake

Slowly drifting,Mirroring lethargic cloudsAnd leaves that get caughtIn a gentle breeze. Calm sleep interrupted byTrains rushing by whilstBoys chatter amongst theSmell of cheap beer andSmoke. Once begging for silence,You now miss the sound of aStorm, the tormented panic ofTorrential rain -Weathered feelings. Still water sets in,Barely a ripple on the surface ofYour mind.The water does … Continue reading The Mind is a Lake

Clair de Lune

Sit straight, take a deep breathAnd-Sometimes it's difficult to loseYourself in music;Thoughts swirling aroundYour head."Just shut them off"You plead with yourself,But perhaps music isn'tRational.No, it flows and dives,Swims around you andFlies off like a butterfly-"Just focus!" your brain shouts.Oh yes, you'd almost forgotten about The music,Moonlit notes of a paleBlue sky. "How romantic" you think, … Continue reading Clair de Lune