Breathe Easy

Each time I leave,It gets harder to say goodbye. Each kiss and touchGrows more desperate, Each glance stretches, Holding onto an image ofYou.Each time I leave, The distance feels further. The minutes and seconds unravelLeaving only days and weeks Alone.Each sense of you fades; faint scent of you on my Bed. Each time I leave, … Continue reading Breathe Easy


The Café

Cigarette smoke sinks from her lips. She breathes in once moreAnd closes her eyes As Ash scatters onto her scarf.She glances at her coffee, Nothing remarkable about it. Although it seems to have gone cold- she sips anyway.Her hands are wrapped aroundA little fire,Puffing out whispers of deadlinesAnd addiction. She stamps out her warmthAnd her … Continue reading The Café


Swim faster, harder- You're trying not to drown.Dont forget to throw lifelines toThe others, although they're floating.Stop thrashing around, Take a deep breath - "Je sens rien, je sens rien"How many times must I repeat myselfBefore I believe it?Is there a lifeboat passing by?No more room unfortunately,Only survivors are welcome.Am I still dreaming?Paralysed by fear … Continue reading Swim


Ivy leaves and vines Weave along my arms. A burning sensation creeps Into my chest as I gasp for air, Drowning in thoughts of "If only". My perfectly brewed poison, self-made. Violent thoughts paired with plastic smiles - Oops, I bit my tongue too hard. My admiration distorted by possessiveness. Claw through the layers of … Continue reading Invidia