Et puis…

Nearing the end of another chapter, My fingers eagerly awaiting to turn to the Next page. It's time to start anew again, To pick up all the torn pieces of paper And tuck them into my pockets - I'll find use for them eventually. I'll run faster than I ever have before, Trailing whispers of … Continue reading Et puis…

Remnants of Summer

Sticky heat under a clear sky, Racing through tall grass, Flowers and small bugs sticking to my clothes -Run faster. My muscles scream out in Short gasps, Lungs filling up with each sharp inhale -It hurts. Light casts shadows across barren fields As hot water trickles down through the trees, A vacuum of thick heat … Continue reading Remnants of Summer


Swim faster, harder- You're trying not to drown.Dont forget to throw lifelines toThe others, although they're floating.Stop thrashing around, Take a deep breath - "Je sens rien, je sens rien"How many times must I repeat myselfBefore I believe it?Is there a lifeboat passing by?No more room unfortunately,Only survivors are welcome.Am I still dreaming?Paralysed by fear … Continue reading Swim


Ivy leaves and vines Weave along my arms. A burning sensation creeps Into my chest as I gasp for air, Drowning in thoughts of "If only". My perfectly brewed poison, self-made. Violent thoughts paired with plastic smiles - Oops, I bit my tongue too hard. My admiration distorted by possessiveness. Claw through the layers of … Continue reading Invidia


A breath of fresh air,Spring flowers blooming throughCracks of cold winter months.Taking peace by himself,A hasty step away from the world.He's alone, but no loneliness creeps in;Light quickly rids him of any sense of it.A clear mind for the briefest of moments, Lately it has been full of murky water, Thoughts that swim around near … Continue reading Spring

Film Noir

Gasping for air,Thrashing around in the water,Can someone throw me aLifeline?Bottled tears fromEndless nights ofBlood-soaked sheets- My film noir world.I float now,Calmly letting waves washOver me- I'm no longer drowning.Sometimes I mustCatch my breath- I spoke too quickly,But I always end upRhythmically safe.I like to paint parts of my mindIn vibrant colours only Gogh knows … Continue reading Film Noir