Swim faster, harder- You're trying not to drown.Dont forget to throw lifelines toThe others, although they're floating.Stop thrashing around, Take a deep breath - "Je sens rien, je sens rien"How many times must I repeat myselfBefore I believe it?Is there a lifeboat passing by?No more room unfortunately,Only survivors are welcome.Am I still dreaming?Paralysed by fear … Continue reading Swim


Ivy leaves and vines Weave along my arms. A burning sensation creeps Into my chest as I gasp for air, Drowning in thoughts of "If only". My perfectly brewed poison, self-made. Violent thoughts paired with plastic smiles - Oops, I bit my tongue too hard. My admiration distorted by possessiveness. Claw through the layers of … Continue reading Invidia


A breath of fresh air,Spring flowers blooming throughCracks of cold winter months.Taking peace by himself,A hasty step away from the world.He's alone, but no loneliness creeps in;Light quickly rids him of any sense of it.A clear mind for the briefest of moments, Lately it has been full of murky water, Thoughts that swim around near … Continue reading Spring

Film Noir

Gasping for air,Thrashing around in the water,Can someone throw me aLifeline?Bottled tears fromEndless nights ofBlood-soaked sheets- My film noir world.I float now,Calmly letting waves washOver me- I'm no longer drowning.Sometimes I mustCatch my breath- I spoke too quickly,But I always end upRhythmically safe.I like to paint parts of my mindIn vibrant colours only Gogh knows … Continue reading Film Noir