Cher journal,

It’s strange being in your twenties; all of a sudden I feel this pressure to have my life together, to know exactly what to do at every obstacle I face, but I’ve found it’s quite the opposite. Now more than ever is the time for making mistakes, for choosing different career paths and exploring different hobbies. I’m not suggesting that you can’t do any of this when you’re much older, but your twenties seems such a perfect time for it. That feeling of uncertainty we all have over taxes or credit scores, the shaky hands from just too much coffee, the wavering voice as we shake hands with our third interviewer of the week… All of it feels like a test, a microcosm of a much larger game at play, that “bigger picture” everyone always seems to be talking about.

If we didn’t fall, we would never learn how to get back up- or something cliché like that anyway.


Emelie x


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