PTO (Please Turn Over)

Cher journal,

Change can be scary, terrifying even. I find myself freezing up, like a deer in headlights- I feel lost, as if everything is moving around me and I am a fixed moment in time. I know this feeling is only temporary; I’ve felt it many times before, although my mind seems to tell me that this time is different.

I have so enjoyed living with my best friend this past year and I look forward to another year of co-habiting, however this time we’ll be living in the Capital. She has made our home feel like a safe space, a place of comfort and love and laughter. I don’t know what I’d do without her in my life and she has made this past year more than bearable. I know we’ll get up to much mischief this next year and I am confident I will have many photos as evidence.

I am sad to now have long-distance relationships with several people, but I know our time spent together will now be even more precious than it was before. I take great joy in saying that my partner and I have started communicating via letters (as well as via all the other modern devices). I find that letters are intimate and sincere; you have time to consider your words. carefully write out sentences, and know that you are holding something that, only a few days prior, they themselves touched.

This next chapter will be full of surprises, hardships, learning and other cliché notions, I’m sure.

Here’s to writing the next page.


Emelie x


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