Et puis…

Nearing the end of another chapter,
My fingers eagerly awaiting to turn to the 
Next page. 
It's time to start anew again, 
To pick up all the torn pieces of paper
And tuck them into my pockets
- I'll find use for them eventually. 

I'll run faster than I ever have before, 
Trailing whispers of you behind me,
Like a forgotten breeze on a Summer's day. 
And when my legs begin to falter, 
When my knees buckle under the pressure, 
I know it will be 
My mind
That keeps me from falling. 

I used to wait for rainstorms, 
For overcast skies.
I wanted to hide behind the shadows of 
- "Hold my hand?"
Now I know to race ahead, 
To wander through the grey days
And skip over silhouettes.

I needn't wonder what if,
As the last page is still being written.
I needn't worry of what has been,
Smudged ink has made those pages

I just wonder why I ever thought I had to wait?

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