Au Revoir!

Cher journal,

When I was eleven years old my grandma took me to Calais in France, it was there that I fell in love with everything French. Although Calais isn’t the most authentically French city, to my eleven year old self it was incredible. Since then I’ve dreamed of living in France, becoming a cliche of coffee on a rainy day in Paris and singing La Vie en Rose from a balcony in a small French town.

Tomorrow I am moving to France for the year. I’m staying in Bourges, a small city in the region of Orleans-Tours and I’ll be an English Language Assistant in two schools in the area. Although I’m only there until April I am unbelievably excited and nervous. It all feels very surreal as I will be truly living out my eleven year old self’s dream.

I’ll be writing letters and sending postcards to my relatives, in hopes they feel as if they are there with me. I hope to return to England in September with a hint of a French accent and the smell of Camembert and croissants lingering on my clothes. I hope to have a hundred photographs and even more funny stories, I hope to know a thousand more French words and lose a few English ones.

I’ll be keeping a separate blog whilst I’m in France as it is part of my University coursework for the year, when it’s all set up, I’ll put the link on my home page.

À bientôt

Emelie x


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