Cher journal,

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I started my blog! It’s really amazing to see how much has changed in a year. At first writing on my blog was just a bit of fun, but now it means so much more. It’s a platform for me to share my creativity and personal stories. Therefore, in honour of my 1st anniversary as a blogger, I’d like to share a story on how I started writing in the first place…

When I was younger, 9 years old to be exact, I drafted the first few pages of a book I was going to write called Darkening. It was going to be about a girl that discovers she has magical powers and has to defeat the darkness that has infected her town. I enjoyed writing so much and would read my stories to my family in our living room. As I grew older, I kept writing Darkening, but lost interest in the story line as my taste in books changed.

On my 11th Birthday I was given a journal. It was bright pink and came with a cute pen that attached to the outside. I was so happy and excited to write in a journal, just like the girls I had read about in my books. What began as a silly attempt to pretend to be one of the heroines in the stories I had read, became a way of me expressing how I was feeling, something I have often struggled with. Whenever I felt conflicted or sad or annoyed I would turn to my journal and confide in the pages that lied within it. Before I knew it I was documenting every aspect of my life, writing about significant events and mundane daily activities.

After briefly stopping writing in my mid-teens, I am now on my 4th journal, and I love nothing more than to look back and reminisce about my childhood. However, with all of the wonderful experiences I have written about, there are some very painful ones, that even now I find difficult to read. Although I love that I always had my journal, it makes me sad when I realise no one else knew how I was feeling during those painful times, and I often feel a sense of loneliness when I look back through them.

Nowadays, I use writing as a sort of therapy, and have extended this form of expression to my blog. In fact, most of the poems on here were originally written on paper! Blogging/writing is so important to me and I feel very lucky to have the privilege of not only being able to share but also read what others have written! A friend of mine has recently started sharing some of her poems on Instagram, and I am so very proud of her work! It’s incredible being able to witness someone else’s creativity in the form of poetry.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to me!


Emelie x

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