4am Confessions

Cher journal,

I must confess, I was disappointed when you didn’t wish me Happy Birthday.

I must confess, sometimes when I’m walking alone I wonder if you are watching me somewhere… I find it weirdly comforting.

I must confess, I see you in the man wearing burgandy that walks past me, I see you in the river water, I hear you whispering through the trees.

I must confess, I miss you in the early hours of the morning, when sunlight is barely trickling through my window and onto my empty bed.

I must confess, I see you in my dreams, you’re always haunting them, always in my subconscious.

I must confess, I sometimes imagine you’re next to me when I feel anxious, squeezing my hand.

I must confess, I so badly wanted to see you when I moved in. To catch a glimpse of you, do you look how I remember? Or have you changed like you said you would.

I must confess, everything is gone; ripped up and thrown in the bin. I don’t need physical objects, I have my memories.


Emelie x

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