1am Thoughts…

Cher journal,


Why do we worry so much? Why do thoughts go round our head endlessly as we create new scenarios for our every day lives?

A single word spoken that day can fly through my head a million times before I fall asleep. I will think of all the possible meanings of this word, ways in which I can interpret it, analyse it, overthink it.

Why don’t we have a switch off button? A mechanism that shuts off our mind and gives us peace and rest, stops the thousands of negative thoughts from swimming round our heads and fills us with a nothingness, a sense of bliss.

As I try to sleep I can hear these thoughts in my head, abruptly shouting over each other, competing for my attention as I desperately try to conjure up silence. It’s funny really; the human mind can create and imagine so many things, but it can never manage silence.

Our worries mean we care, but is there such thing as caring too much? Worrying too much?

I wish you all sweet dreams.



Emelie x


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