Cher journal,

I’ve been out every night this week, getting utterly drunk…don’t worry I’m not dead yet. I’ve drank more than enough alcohol to last me a lifetime, explored the city and met some incredible people.

I was always excited about studying languages at Uni, but after my induction week I honestly cannot wait to start learning Spanish and to further my understanding of the French language.

Despite feeling so nervous about University, Freshers has been the best week of my life; I’ve laughed, cried with people, danced (I have the bruises to prove it), and already planned more events for us to go to together. I do miss my family, but already the experience I’ve had at Uni is making it all worth it. I love Nottingham: the night-life, the shops, the beautiful buildings, it’s stunning.

Although it’s only been a week, I feel quite close to the people I’ve met, and I feel lucky to have been able to spend Freshers with such a welcoming and lovely group of people. It’s pretty incredible how we are all from different places, studying different things and yet we get along so well.

My advice to any future Uni students is that for the first week, throw yourself into everything. Sign up to societies, go to all the events, drink far too much alcohol, and just enjoy yourself because you’re never going to experience something like Freshers again.




Emelie x




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