Who Am I? 24601

Cher journal,
Here are some things you should know about me…

1. My real name is spelt ‘Emily’, but honestly I felt like using the French version of my name because it looks much nicer.
2. I’m a Leo. Now I know all of you who think astrology is ridiculous are rolling your eyes right now, but I truly think that the personality traits of a Leo are very similar to my own, therefore I’m completely hooked on reading my horoscope and finding out what my rising/moon sign is.
3. I’m an Army brat. This isn’t a highly significant part of who I am as a person, but I’ll probably mention it in a few of my stories, so it’s definitely worth knowing.
4. I love languages. As you’ve already noticed a few of the things on my blog are written in French, this is mainly because as a languages student I am desperately trying to immerse myself in the French language as much as possible. Also, I’ve always started my diary entries with “cher journal” and ended it with “amicalement”, it sounds silly, but it’s habit.
5. I adore music. Growing up I was exposed to several different genres, so I’ve gained a sort of…eclectic taste in music. That being said, my favourite music resides in the 80s: Wham!, A-ha, Kate Bush, Bucks Fizz, T-Pau, DAVID BOWIE…I could go on, but I think you get the point. Another genre I’m obsessed with is musicals, and anyone that’s seen Les Mis will understand the title of this post.
I don’t think there’s anything else you need to know about me…the rest you’ll find out in future blog posts.
Emelie x



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